Dutch for absolute beginners

The course ‘Dutch for absolute beginners’ is for those who have no basic knowledge of the Dutch language. This course focuses on speaking and listening skills, but ample attention will be given to reading and writing skills as well.
This course is being taught in English.

Methode: Van start 1e druk is een boek van Wim Tersteeg uitgegeven bij Uitgeverij Boom. ISBN 9789089533265.
To be purchased by the student.

We advise you to only do this after you have received the message of the Volksuniversiteit continue the course. The Volksuniversiteit Enschede is not responsible for already (early) bought books for a course that does not appear proceed due to lack of registrations.

  • Een keer per week, 12 lessen
    Maandag 20.00 – 22.00 uur
    Start: 27-09-2021
    Kosten: € 288,-

Meer informatie: www.vuenschede.nl

Dutch for absolute beginners
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